Keeping your Travels Forever

If you love to travel you may notice at some point that the trips are beginning to blur together. While that may be a sign that you’re having a great time, it also might be a sign that you need to keep better track of your adventures so you can relate them to others without confusing the dates and places. Here are some tips on how to do just that:

Keep a photo log as you go. An easy way to do this is to use a website such as Shutterfly, where you can upload your photos and keep them in chronological order. You can also take notes on your phone as you snap pictures, noting the date, place, and subject.

Start a travel journal. This can be in written form with a blank book from Barnes and Noble or an online document where you relate your daily adventures. Whatever form you prefer, writing in it daily will be a great way to commemorate your trip.

Start a blog. This is a combination of the first two suggestions: write about your daily adventures, add some photos, and share it with your friends and followers. If you get enough people following your trails you might even want to sell advertising space and make money from your favorite pastime!

Collect mementoes and make a poster. All you really need to do is glue them onto posterboards to make a great collage. If you travel a lot you can make a board for each destination and hang them side by side. How long will it take to cover a wall or two?

Whatever you do to keep track of your travels, make sure you’re consistent. Its okay to try one method and switch to another if you don’t like the first and you can always combine two or more of these ideas to make your own. The main thing is to find something that works for you in your adventures and to stick with it. In a few years you may be ready to write that book you’ve always dreamed of!