Is TKTS worth your time?

Broadway shows are among the most glamorous and attention worthy shows in the US. No matter whether you are a resident or a tourist in the states, everyone expects you to have watched them in the most prestigious theaters. Also, we all want to get the cheapest deals while we book our tickets in any US theater. Thus, most of the people in New York and Broadway book their tickets through TKTS which offers them a good bargain on the ticket price. However, if you are new to New York you would want to know the tkts shows today and whether if they are worth your time. Read on to know more about it.

Discounted Prices

We all love discounted prices and this is what TKTS offers. It provides you with around 50% discounts to most of the performance art theater tickets which is quite amazing. If you are tight on a budget but want to enjoy the great performers weave their magic, TKTS is the best place to be. It depends upon the shows and seats you select but be assured to get a good discount when you choose to purchase them from TKTS.

Clubbed Box Office

TKTS as we know is a one stop shop for all the performing art ticket bookings in New York. It is definitely a great way to book tickets at once. If you are planning for multiple shows or events, it is a great facilitator as well. Even if you just want to see a Broadway show, you can get access to tickets of probably all the theaters in the vicinity just at a single place.

Ticket Limits

Before you go ahead to book the tickets from TKTS, know well that they only allow 6 tickets per person. So if you have a requirement of more tickets, you would need to take another person with you to help out. Also, they have some arrangements where you need to talk to the representatives there and they can help you with more tickets. But it is always better to take someone along with you if you are in need of more tickets than 6.

Queue for Tickets

Since TKTS offers tickets at great discounts and lets you choose the seats you want, there are a lot of people who head there to avail the best deals. Thus, as a result a lot of people gather in the queues to buy tickets from TKTS. You would need to reach at the ticketing booth well in advance for booking a particular show. Even though there is a huge queue, it is well worth it since the discounts and offers are so good.

Fast Pass

Along with the huge discounts, there are many special offers to avail at TKTS as well. If you are sure to buy tickets consecutively in a week, they have a pass known as the Fast Pass. This pass allows you to catch more shows within 7 days of purchasing the pass and directly walk up to the counter for tickets. You can quickly avoid all the long queues by purchasing the pass.

Play Express Window

Since most of the people who line up at TKTS wish to purchase a play ticket, there is a separate window exclusively made for plays which is known as the Play Express. At Play Express, you can have a quick glance at the TKTS shows today and decide which one to attend. As the window is fully meant for plays, you can expect less queues and a faster service.

Loyal Patronage

One of the best things about TKTS is that $4.50 from every ticket supports various programs by the organization. People who haven’t watched theater yet or those who are suffering from a disability are provided free tickets from this corpus amount. Thus, it’s a great initiative by TKTS to use the money in a good manner.

The Bottom Line

Make sure that you check out the TKTS shows today schedule in advance before you go to book the tickets. Also, ensure that you don’t buy tickets from the streets as they can be fraudulent in nature. With all these amazing benefits in terms of convenience and savings, it definitely seems that getting your tickets from TKTS is well worth your time.