Flexible solar panels

Flexible panels are the new form of solar panels. The idea of these panels was to make them thinner and bendable so that they can be carried anywhere anytime. They are also very lightweight to make them bearable for places, which have weight limitations. These panels can be very much better for the contours of a caravan or boat roof, or curved building surface.  There are limitations to the flexibility of these panels so it is very important to know where you are installing them and it should not make them bend more than their limits. If someone wants to buy more flexible panels, they should go for those, which have the frame made by almunium. Because these panels actually need to be, bend to match the surface where they are being installed. Amorphous solar panels can  bend enough to wrap around a cylinder of 5 centimeter diameter.

Some panels can be folded but there is the materials between the cells, which can be, bend not the cells themselves. Some companies are making cells to bend and those panels are not good enough and durable.

There are many methods to attach these panels to the surface. However, the easiest one is to use glue to stick the panel on the surface. It will also minimize the wind resistance on the vehicle.  It also gives the lead of not having to go through the surface if it does not already have existing, and hopefully intentional, penetrations that can be used. The part about this method is that it will affect the work of the panels because air will not be able to circulate and cool the panels.


A drawback of setting panels flush with a roof is they are likely to suffer from a greater reduction in performance from heat than rigid panels set above the surface on racks because air cannot circulate underneath and cool them. This can also result in the structure they are on becoming warmer than it would otherwise.


CIGS and amorphous silicon solar cells are being made to have a longer life than silicon solar cells but the polymer in which these panels have been enclosed, make their life shorter, especially if it is going to end a lot. People use these panels to give power to their boats and ETFE flexible solar panels for boats are the best for many reasons. Because of their power range 30W – 50W – 60W – 80W – 100W – 120W – 140W – 12V perfect for application on not just boats but also on RVs and cabins and also because of the longest warranty which the company is giving.  If the covering is good than the cells can have long lives and ETFE is manufacturing panels with very strong covering. There are two kinds of warranties, which come these panels, product warranty, and performance warranty and if the panel stops working, the performance warranty would not matter. These panels are the best to provide electric power on places which are small and do not have enough space to install the rigid panels and also for those places which cannot bear heavy weight objects.