Planning a Beach Vacation in the British Virgin Islands

Spending time on a beach is a great way to soak up the sun and truly relax. Beaches with warm sands and gentle waves are the ideal vacation for a harried person who needs to get away. When looking for a beach vacation, more and more people are choosing the British Virgin Islands. These islands in the Caribbean are noted for their many peaceful shores, enchanting vistas and vibrant nightlife. A trip here during the winter can be the ideal way to shake off the winter blues. Traveling here during the summer can be equally wonderful as the waters warm up and the tourist crowds thin out. If you are planning a beach vacation to this part of the world, you’ll want to make sure that everything goes right from the second you land here.

The Ideal Place to Stay

The¬†British Virgin Islands¬†consist of about fifty islands. Of these, fifteen are inhabited. The largest island in the chain is Tortola. If you are headed here, this large island makes the perfect home base from which to explore the rest of the area. You’ll find lots of things to do during the day on the island including climbing one of the tallest mountains in the area. Beaches include Cane Garden Bay, Lambert Beach, Brewer’s Bay and Long Bay. A stay here means easy access to lots of beaches, particularly in the north of the island. Look for accommodations that have other amenities as well including private pools so you can spend as much time as possible outdoors.

Access to Beaches

Like many other travelers, you come here to spend time on the region’s beaches. With fifty islands to pick from, it’s easy to find lots of places to catch some sun. The islands are located in between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean so the waters are warm and yet often have enjoyable waves. If you prefer something a bit more secluded, look for one of the area’s many coves and bays. Many islands have small bays where you can have a picnic and put your feet in the water for a peaceful swim. The islands are also home to some of the world’s most beautiful wildlife. Look for underwater caves where you can go snorkeling so you can get up close and personal with the regional area fish.

A Fantastic Vacation

Your vacation here should be all about your needs. If you want to spend your days in a private villa adjacent to your own private sandy beach you can do that. If you want to go sailing and see one of the many islands that are part of this chain, you can also do that. Each island has many charms that are apparent the second you step foot on a beach or walk across a dock to a main street. You’ll find a fabulous here where you can really get away from it all in a beautiful natural setting.